Clarkesville, Georgia

Our Story

     Sutton Mill Creek Syrup Co. was founded in May 2017 by Bruce and Beth Palmer from Clarkesville, Georgia. Beth discovered the wonderful flavor of hickory syrup when she purchased some at an event as gifts. But when she went home and shared it with Bruce they both loved the product and decided to try making some of their own. Bruce and Beth are no strangers to being entrepreneurs. At the time, they owned two businesses and were looking for a new opportunity. 


     Beth gathered up everything needed to make a batch and worked on perfecting the recipe. The couple decided to try their luck with selling the syrup at a local festival and it was instantly a hit. That festival was the start of their new business. Today they are producing their own Original Southern Hickory Syrup and other flavors such as Pecan, Brandy, Vanilla, Bourbon and two seasonal flavors: strawberry and blueberry. As their business continues to grow they aspire to create new flavors and draw in more customers. Their Hickory syrups are hand crafted and they forage for the bark right here in Georgia, making it wild crafted and Georgia grown.


Mission Statement

Sutton Mill Creek Syrup Co. exists to provide a healthy alternative to artificial syrups by providing premium syrups to consumers. We are committed to handcraft each bottle of syrup with the finest ingredients such as non GMO sugar, no high fructose corn syrup or preservatives. We strive to protect the quality of the environment by producing our syrups in small batches using sustainable ingredients. We work hard to provide outstanding customer service.  By wild crafting and using sustainable manufacturing practices we can give people a safe and healthy food choice.