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Bourbon Hickory Glazed Chicken

I have a Youtube Channel called "What's Beth Doing."

What's Beth doing covers just a little bit of everything! I enjoy doing so many different things like sewing, gardening, cooking, cake decorating, crafts, homesteading, home decor, DIY, home improvements and more. I am a Jill of all trades, master of none. LOL. So check out my categories and subscribe to know when a new video is coming out. My videos come out each Thursday.

So this is a recipe that is here on my site under Marinades and Sauces. The chicken has a great flavor and come out tender. Let me confess I am not good at cooking chicken and meats! The crockpot is my best friend when it comes to this, so for me to find a way to make juicy, tender chicken is a miracle to say the least. I tend to over cook stuff, so try this recipe you wont be dissapointed, unless you over cook it!

Please share with us how yours turned out!

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