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Easy Furniture Makeover using chalk paint

So not all my videos are about Syrup! LOL here is one I did when we painted our bedroom furniture. We have painted several things with chalk paint and I love the stuff. Chalk paint is a easy and quick way to paint and renew so many things. The chalk paint I use is Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint.

Refresh Your Décor With Chalked Paints

One Coat Coverage for Most Surfaces

Rejuvenate your décor with a soft, matte chalky finish on wood, metal, ceramic, glass, canvas & more. For added customization and style, distress item following application for an aged, chippy look and vintage appearance. Available in a variety of trending colors, Rust-Oleum Chalked Brush Paints may be layered over one another to create a unique, one of a kind look. For added protection following application, use Rust-Oleum Chalked Clear Protective Topcoat brush-on.

Also available in a spray version and Chalked Decorative Glaze for antiquing.

  • Use on a variety of interior surfaces like wood, metal, ceramic, canvas and easily distress to create a vintage look

  • Low-odor, latex formula allows for easy clean up with soap & water

  • Dries to the touch in just 30 minutes and covers up to 150 sq ft, 1-coat coverage allows projects to be completed easily

  • Excellent adhesion and easy application with minimal prep

  • Dries to an ultra-matte, creamy white finish

I get it at my local hardware store for about $20.00 a quart which is a good buy compared to most!

So a few years ago when we moved I sold all my bedroom furniture and bought smaller pieces at a resale shop. I bought a dresser and chest of drawers for $250.00. Then went the long search for 2 matching nightstands, they are hard to find in pairs and in the style that would match what I had already bought. I went one day up into North Carolina to the town of Cowpens to pick up my niece to keep her for the summer and we went into a nice antique store and I told the owner what I was looking for and she said she had two matching one's in the back so I went back to look at them and low and behold they were exactly what I needed! I had looked everywhere to no avail. All the pieces are from about the 60's and in great shape I bought it with the intention of painting them and have finally 6 years later gotten to it! Below is the first nightstand we painted.

So I took off the hardware and lightly sanded it down. My hubby stained the top first.

Then we sprayed the rest of the nightstand. Now you can paint with a brush we just like to spray since we have the equipment either way is just fine.

Next you want to sand down your paint to get a smoother finish especially if you paint it with a brush, you use a fine sandpaper. You can sand through in places that the paint would naturally wear, like the edges and around the hardware to your liking. Once you have sanded your piece you just have to wax it all over with wax made for chalk paint. Apply wax according to the directions and buff it. There you are done and it looks great! Watch my video for more in depth directions.

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