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We are famous now! LOL

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Well not really, I have a thing I do anytime someone I know is recognized online or in the paper for something I always tell them that I know someone who is famous. Why? Well because for the majority of us we don't get much recognition for they things we do in our daily lives and its nice to have a moment of fame!

So we sent Dennis Collins (my hubby is a car guy) some of our Bourbon Syrup to flavor his coffee with and he mentioned us and used it in his coffee every video on his YouTube channel "Coffee Walk with Dennis Collins!" Apparently he gets comments about how long it takes him to sweeten his coffee. So we thought we would send him some of our syrup and see if that helps. Well he used it every week until it was gone and now we need to send him some more. You can watch the episode here he used it right at the beginning so you don't have to watch long. It is just fun to see your product on something like this. Hope you enjoy watching!

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