As summer is here and grilling season has begun its time to try out some new recipes to delight our families and dazzle our friends. I have confessed before about my lack of ability to cook wonderful tender meats, I must also confess that I am learning all over how to cook them. Here is a great recipe for steak! You pick what cut of meat you want to cook and then give this glaze a try. It made a wonderful flavored steak, it was tender and juicy, but best of all easy!

Hickory Glazed for Steak


1/2 cup Sutton Mill Creek Hickory Syrup in Original, Bourbon or Hickory Heat

1/2 cup whiskey your choice, Jack Danials is great


put syrup and whisky in small saucepan and simmer over low till reduced in half, so down to 1/2 cup. (be careful when using a gas stove because alcohol and flames dont mix, dont ask how I know LOL) Then glaze steak while cooking generously until done.


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Well it's been three years since this journey started and it has been a great one!

We have met so many wonderful people and participated in some great events too.

But I have to say, the people are what makes doing anything enjoyable! We are now on YouTube doing "What's Beth Doing" channel its fun and informative, I cook the recipes that are on my website and show you how to do different DIY things so check us out there.

Thank you again for being our customers and encouraging us and being there for us!


Beth Palmer


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Here is a quick and easy recipe to glazed pork chops it is under the Entrees section on our website and they are pretty good. Here is a video to go with the recipe. Share with us how yours turned out!

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