I have a Youtube Channel called "What's Beth Doing."

What's Beth doing covers just a little bit of everything! I enjoy doing so many different things like sewing, gardening, cooking, cake decorating, crafts, homesteading, home decor, DIY, home improvements and more. I am a Jill of all trades, master of none. LOL. So check out my categories and subscribe to know when a new video is coming out. My videos come out each Thursday.

So this is a recipe that is here on my site under Marinades and Sauces. The chicken has a great flavor and come out tender. Let me confess I am not good at cooking chicken and meats! The crockpot is my best friend when it comes to this, so for me to find a way to make juicy, tender chicken is a miracle to say the least. I tend to over cook stuff, so try this recipe you wont be dissapointed, unless you over cook it!

Please share with us how yours turned out!

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Here is another Youtuber my hubby likes to watch Classic Truck Rescue so we sent them some syrup and you can watch them open our support box we sent. Iit starts around the 42 min mark.

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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Well we sent syrup to a young family called the Dashley's they do a vlog celebrating the magic of ordinary days, Dallin, Ashley, George, James, and our mini australian puppies: Luna and Dash they do family vlogs, challenges, and fun videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Youtube. My daughter and I are some of their fans and watch their vidoes and realized they love waffles! So guess what? We sent them some syrup too, we sent them I think some Pecan, Bourbon and Toasted Marshmallow for the kids. They loved it you can watch it here it is about at the 14 min mark so watch the whole thing or skip to 14 minutes in and see how much they enjoyed our syrup!

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